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The CBYON System is a computer-aided, image-guided stereotactic system comprised of cutting edge hardware, software, and instrumentation kits. It transforms two-dimensional patient CT & MRI scans into dynamic 3D volumetric renders and performs spatial mapping to allow the physician to correlate scan sets with each other and to the patient. The system itself offers blazingly fast tracer, surface matching, and paired point registration—in addition to features for surgical navigation/approach planning and multi-dataset image fusion. All of this functionality is packed into a portable, cross-specialty platform with a small footprint.

An Image of the Cbyon Camera

Three Platforms in One App

Cranial Platform

Pre-planning. Image fusion of multiple datasets. Object creation. Navigate Shunt Placements & Biopsy Needles.

Spine Platform

Quick Surface Registration. Pre-planning. Paired point registration. Surface registration via tracing or individual points.

ENT Platform

Volumetric Rendering. Quick Surface Registration. Pre-planning. Image fusion of multiple datasets. Object Creation.

Stunning 3D Volumetric Renders

A Screenshot of A Spine Model in the Cbyon System A Screenshot of A Cranial Model in the Cbyon System

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