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Our Story

In 1999, Cbyon, Inc was founded in Palo Alto, California boasting a novel 3D image-guided system. The product—known as the Cbyon Savant—was the brainchild of bioengineers at Stanford University's Image-Guided Surgery Laboratory. After receiving FDA approval, the system was used in numerous hospitals until the IP was purchased by General Electric. They, in turn, licensed the technology to us—the successor company of Cbyon, Inc. Since then, we've relaunched an updated version of the system (now known as the Cbyon Eclipse) as a part of our mission to better the world through innovative medical technology.

A Visual Timeline

Cbyon, Inc. is founded in Palo Alto, CA

The Cbyon System gets FDA Approval

Cbyon IP is acquired by General Electric

Med-Surgical is founded in Sunnyvale, CA

Med-Surgical obtains licensing for Cbyon IP

Med-Surgical moves HQ to Tempe, AZ

Med-Surgical releases Cbyon Eclipse

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